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Worth a detour
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VJ Singh
It’s a new day in Sossusvlei. And I am rising towards the sky, timed perfectly with the rising sun, in a wicker basket attached to a hot air balloon. It’s my first balloon ride!
The sand dunes of the Namib desert are taking their time turning orange in the glow of dawn. Our pilot tells us that in Namibia, the only time one can fly a balloon is the sunrise hour. She can’t steer the balloon but she can control the altitude, and depending on the wind channels at each altitude, choose her preferred “course”.
It’s more peaceful than I imagined. The sound of quiet is unnerving, but no one in the gondola wants to break the peace. In fact, the only sound to be heard is the feverish clicking of cameras. I could get used to seeing the world from this perspective.
Thanks to Namib Sky Balloon Safaris.