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Lost in Old Lijiang
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VJ Singh
The charming, well-preserved streetscapes of the heritage town in Old Lijiang Is perfect for getting lost The winding streets lure you in - and shops selling Tiquanyin tea, handmade paper, musical drums, souvenirs and food vie for the attention of tourists.
The Naxi people of Lijiang are proud, artistic and musically talented. It's a matriarchal society, one that I relate well to, and I enjoyed my interactions with the wise women I meet.
In the market square in Lijiang Old Town, groups of Naxi women get together to perform a few dances. There is no clear structure for their activity, and the women seem to be on their own schedule - some leave after a couple of dances, others hang around. Besides their traditional costume, what is common among them is their energy and zest for life.