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Joshua Tree National ParkUnited States
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VJ Singh
Forty-five minutes from Palm Springs – or a slightly longer, two hours from Los Angeles - in California’s southernmost Joshua Tree National Park, I’m waiting at the Visitor Center to buy my park pass, and it’s clear that the most commonly asked question of the rangers in this Park is - “Why is it called a Joshua Tree?"
Turns out the giant, branching yucca’s shape reminded early Mormon settlers of a story in which the Prophet Joshua reaches his hands up to the sky. “A good Joshua Tree will be really thick, with arms sticking out like they’re wearing furry sleeves.” – From The Bulletin, in a 1987 article, 7 years before the trees got themselves their own National Park.
No two Joshua Trees are alike – for that would be too boring. Instead, they defiantly withstand the desert conditions and stretch out in weird and wonderful ways.
Great hikes, photography, star-gazing.